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  • - Bienvenue
    This site gives you access to the theme tunes and lyrics of hundreds of French TV programmes, in particular a lot of children's cartoon series.
  • Contact me
  • Training Videos on how to ..... in ICT and the Web
    I have found out a LOT from this site. Russell Stannard has won an award for his work on this site. Clear, practical help.
  • Flash Video Big Books
    This is a great site for anyone interested in using story telling as a key component of their courses. Some free stuff but the books you have to buy are pretty cheap and excellent quality. Highly recommended.
  • Wordle - Create word clouds
    This is a fantastic little site for anyone wanting to be creative with Language. It creates key word diagrams on any topic in an arty way. It is a great way to introduce a topic or allow kids to create a keyword list to help them prepare for a speaking test
  • Smartboard Ideas
  • Royds School Language Department
    Provides a useful model for anyone thinking of setting up a departmental blog site

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February 28, 2010


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